Recent Publications

I use three equilibrium concepts in the sciences to study the dynamics of taxi transportation. At the microscopic level, I formalized …

I use in-vehicle Global Positioning System (GPS) data to estimate the supply and demand of street-hail taxis at segment level of a road …

Economic assessment in environmental science is often subject to limited or costly data, and thus it is important to properly …

Working Papers

As computer memory becomes abundant, it is now possible to load large data sets in main memory for fast analysis, without the …

Urban transportation is undergoing rapid changes, facing challenges from technology-enabled private mobility services. Managing the …




Multi-modal accessibility analysis of Portland, OR.


My personal knowledge base.


Bibliographic analysis based on Google Scholar.


New York City Taxi Trip Records, 2009-2013. Zhang, Ruda. 2018 February 20. Open Science Framework. doi:10.17605/OSF.IO/ZHP7K. (Total size: ~200 GB)


CE 402: Computer Methods in Engineering.

  • Teaching Assistant of Prof. Sami F. Masri. (2017 Spring)
  • Numerical methods: nonlinear equations, differential equations, curve fitting, interpolation, differentiation, integration, Monte Carlo methods, optimization.

CE 408: Risk Analysis in Civil Engineering.

  • Teaching Assistant of Prof. Roger G. Ghanem. (2014 Fall, 2016 Fall)
  • Probability and statistics.


  • KAP 130, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089, USA